Contribute to the sustainable growth of Brazil through its small and   medium companies.
Solve, in a simple and effective way, the issue of developing business   in a competitive environment.


To assist our clients in their business decisions to improve their   competitiveness and profitability in a sustainable way.


Dedication to the customer
Respect for the dignity, security and contribution of the people
Social and environmental responsibility


We know that in today's competitive marketplace all companies have new challenges.

We are aware that not all of them have their own resources to face those challenges successfully.

We rely on solid professional management experience, in Local and Global Companies, to offer a renewed vision of your strategic planning.

Count on us to improve your performance in both the commercial and operational areas.


Mauricio Gustavo Palumbo has an Industrial Engineering Degree(University of Buenos Aires), he has an MBA in Business Logistics (Getulio Vargas Foundation) and he is a Certified Board Member by the IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance), entity in which he is also a partner. As a seasoned executive, he has 30 years of professional experience developed in Local and Global Companies in Business, Manufacturing and Supply Chain areas.

He worked for companies such as SA Alba, Luis Miguel & Zanniello and PPG. In his last position at the C level, Mauricio was General Manager of Business Unit for Brazil and Latin America and, previously, Regional Director of Manufacturing and Supply Chain, accountable for 6 plants in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. He is currently Managing Partner of MGP Consultores, advising Companies wishing to develop in areas of Business Management.

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